The library at Rawers Therapy includes some of the most renowned, recommended and effective self-help literature proven to expand foundational knowledge, insight and enhance the therapeutic experience.

Rediscovering Love

Rediscovering Love by Roy C. Rawers

Rediscovering Love is written as a guide for those people who refuse to accept the idea that the best days of their relationship are behind them and who have the courage and willingness to try and repair or strengthen their partner relationship.

Don’t Call it Love

Don't Call It Love by Patrick Carnes PH.D.

A fantastic overview of sexual addiction written by the leading voice in the field, Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.  A great introduction to the topic that is useful to both the addict, and their partner.

Facing the Shadow

Facing the Shadow by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

A critical tool for recovery from sexual addiction, this workbook it the first step in building a general foundation of addiction knowledge and connecting one’s personal life situations.


Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

A classic work that helps the reader identify dysfunctional patterns and set personal limits toward restoring healthy relationships.

Healing the Child Within

Healing the Child Within by Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.

This time honored writing is a must read for anyone who wants better understanding of how childhood trauma intersects with their current life situation.

I Don’t Want to Talk About it

I Dont Want to Talk About It by Terrence Real

A new look at how men commonly express depression in ways very different from their female counterparts.

In the Shadows of the Net

In the Shadows of the Net - Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior

Written by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., this book takes a more in-depth look at Internet based sexual addiction, including how it affects the neurology of the brain.

Healing the Shame

Healing the Shame by John Bradshaw

Another time-honored classic that assists the reader is discovering the origins of their personal shame, low self image, and provides useful tools to escape from old patterns.

Recovery Zone

Recovery Zone by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

The continuation of the Facing the Shadows workbook, it contains additional exercises that explores personal patterns and experiences that can threaten long-term recovery from sexual addiction.

The Betrayal Bond

The Betrayal Bond by Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D.

This classic work explores how experiences from our past contribute to the development and continuation of mal-adaptive adult patterns that interfere with healthy adult relationships.

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

The premier work of Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., this book examines the phenomenon of sexual addiction from a practical perspective and points the reader toward next steps.

Sexual Anorexia

Sexual Anorexia by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

An honest look at the origins of internally generated repulsive feelings toward sex, this book provides insight and guidance toward restoring the ability to engage in a healthy sexual relationship.

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