The client that makes the call to begin overcoming a sexual addiction immediately has my respect. For starters, I know how difficult it was to make the call itself.

Sex addictions are one of those topics that people do not like to talk about but at Rawers Therapy new clients can expect a shame-free, non-judgmental experience in addressing sex addiction, or any other intimacy disorder.

There may be great deal of work ahead of you and our job is to make the journey safe, efficient and have the ability to achieve lasting results. Beyond providing a welcoming and shame-free environment, it is important to partner with a therapist who, in addition to having couples and family therapy experience, also has undergone specialty training in sex addiction and intimacy disorders.

There are many nuances specific to sexual addiction that only specialized training and experience can teach.

New perspectives, behaviors, tools, and insight define the ending stages of treatment.  Clients in this stage have increasingly demonstrated the ability to foresee potential events, situations, or problems that could disrupt their ability to connect and find win-win solutions that are lasting, open and resentment-free.   It is our standard at this time to decrease the frequency of the client sessions and encourage our clients to spend time practicing their new skills, returning only when they are “stuck”, or, as we always suggest, to maintenance their mind at least as often as their cars.

Unlike other addictions where the desired goal is abstinence, when treating a sexual addiction an important component in the long-term effectiveness of change is establishing a new healthy sex life. Having clinical experience working with men and women with sexual impulse control challenges going back to 2005, I’m very familiar working with individuals, couples and entire families overcome one-time occurrences or ongoing patterns and begin to enjoy satisfying relationships and a new healthy self image.

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