I like to define intimacy disorders as any personality or behavior traits that get in the way of your developing and maintaining relationships – that inability to get close or stay close in relationships.

Sexual Anorexia

An obsession with avoiding sexual contact in your life. Avoiding sex dominates your thoughts and action. Sexual anorexia causes great chaos and makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy, non-abusive relationship.

Love Avoidance

Like the “terminal bachelor” who can never settle down, will never make a commitment, dates a lot but never gets married, and can never get close. Love avoiders will protect themselves from getting too close to someone or prevent others from getting too close to them.

Love Addiction

Fear of being abandoned is so great, that a love addict will tolerate any kind of abuse in order to avoid losing a relationship.

Sex Addiction Therapy

An obsessive compulsion revolving around sexual behavior. All of a sex addict’s thoughts and actions are driven by unhealthy sexual activity.

All of us are affected by intimacy disorders to one degree or another, but when these issues are overwhelming, chronic, and will not go away even when you try to address it yourself, you should seek professional help. Serious intimacy disorders can seem so big, and so challenging, that it seems almost impossible to overcome – but with the right kind of help, you can take back your life. The journey may be long and difficult, but it is well worth the effort.

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