Our Approach to Treatment

When asked about how we approach helping people achieve authentic intimacy and abandon destructive habits, a large part of our success lies in the way we first response to a call or e-mail from potential client.   We honor those who reach out for help!

There is no shame or condemnation waiting when a client calls or when they come in, just a supportive expert ready to learn about your life situation and explore the options of restoring personal integrity and family connection.

Once in a receptive and open environment we use both advanced modern and classic psychological methods, customized to each individual and life situation, to help our clients experience thoughts, feelings, and events that change self-perceptions and the way they respond to others in a manner that promotes relationship connection.  As self-understanding and new patterns are being established, new communication tools and skills can be added that would have been intellectually understandable but functionally impossible to perform at the beginning stages of treatment.

New perspectives, behaviors, tools, and insight define the ending stages of treatment.  Clients in this stage have increasingly demonstrated the ability to foresee potential events, situations, or problems that could disrupt their ability to connect and find win-win solutions that are lasting, open and resentment-free.   It is our standard at this time to decrease the frequency of the client sessions and encourage our clients to spend time practicing their new skills, returning only when they are “stuck”, or, as we always suggest, to maintenance their mind at least as often as their cars.

You are invited to call or email with any question you have about our treatment approach.

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