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Review on Harm from a Handheld

I recently found myself reading an article by Guy Winch, Harm From a Handheld; Your Partner’s Smartphone May Actually Make You Depressed.  Wow, could I relate!  How many times has my wife asked me to put away my Smartphone right before we go to bed?  I mean, I was in the middle of a Clash […]

Does your child have “gamer regret”?

If your child is playing more than 21 hours of video games in a week, gamer regret is close by (McGonigal, 2010, pp. 365-366).  Subtly it starts, a gift from Christmas, as your child opens up one of the most popular video games in 2014, Assassins Creed Unity and shouts with joy!  You love the […]

Internet/Gaming Addiction, Does it affect my teen’s brain?

So let’s say, hypothetically of course, your teen won’t leave Minecraft for a whole weekend.  I mean it’s almost 48 hours straight with bathroom breaks only.  If they were hooked up to IV’s and a catheter, they wouldn’t leave at all!  You might find yourself asking how can one person spend so many hours on […]

The Science of Pornography Addiction

There is some controversy as to whether sex and pornography should really be categorized as “addictions.” As described in the video below, sex and pornography release dopamine in the brain, which over time can create long-term neoplastic change. Your brain can actually be rewired to become more tolerant to exposure, crave more, and set aside […]

Staying sane in an insane world – three pillars of sanity

It was a warm spring day at the beach with a view till the edge of the earth when my client turned, looked me square in the eye, and said. “Well, tell me then Roy, how do you keep your sanity?” Living in San Diego, I have the great fortune of year-round fantastic weather. On […]

Couples conflict: try this recipe!

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I often ask couples to consider the importance of resiliency in a successful relationship. Just so we all have the same understanding of what I mean when I write “resiliency,” I’m talking about the ability the bounce back into a healthy balance after encountering a destabilizing event. In […]

The five obstacles to healing – how long will therapy take?

In the course of my work as a Marriage & Family Therapist, it is very common for me to work with the different aspects of a family. Sometimes the dad who feels disconnected from his family, other times a couple that keeps having blowouts, sometimes the whole family struggling to adjust with new realities. Even […]

Couples Communication – Finding the Source of the Power

In the course of treating individuals and couples struggling with a broad range of intimacy disorders from life-long sexual addictions to newer relationships that lack healthy intimacy development, it is common to hear the phrase, “We need help with our communication skills.”  Most of the time they are exactly right, they do need help with their […]

8 ways to get your man to go to counseling

In the course of treating couples over thousands of hours, certain patterns seem to be evident about men and couples therapy. One big pattern in particular is they don’t want to come. Quite often the initial phone call comes from the female partner who has taken on the responsibility of finding a counselor that will hopefully be a […]

What is an intamacy disorder?

While you will not find Intimacy Disorders listed in the DSM-IV-TR, the American Psychiatric Association’s publication that is the standard in the mental health treatment community for categorizing mental disorders, it is a very common diagnosis with individuals and couples that come in to work on the quality of their relationship. Having read numerous books, […]

Porn Addiction – What were you thinking?

9 mental traps that keep you locked in a relationship with pornography. Ever wonder what men are thinking about when they are using porn?  Well, the answers might surprise you.  Researchers (Reid & Gray, 2006) studying men who’s wives have confronted them about their pornography use have found nine common responses that might not match […]