Our Goal is Helping You Connect

The goal of every professional at Rawers Therapy is to help you find constructive solutions to destructive behaviors.

With the credentials of a Marriage and Family Therapist license (MFC49058), a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, over ten years of clinical experience with intimacy disorder treatment, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, twelve years of corporate experience with Price Club, over a dozen years of small business management, and having served as adjunct faculty to National University – Psychology Department, Roy Rawers. MA, LMFT, CSAT leads a team of professionals that provide sex addiction, and other intimacy disorder counseling and therapy services to men, couples, and adolescents from all over San Diego County.

Everyone in our organization understands how addictive behaviors and intimacy struggles can destroy families, careers, and partner trust. As a sex addiction therapy expert (CSAT- Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, awarded by IITAP – International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals), with years of experience in the field, Roy and his team help people suffering from sex addiction and other intimacy disorders repair a lifetime of damage and rebuild neural pathways and relationship skills vital for future success. Over the course of the therapy sessions, patients learn how to take control of their destructive behaviors and work to reconstruct their mind from one programmed for negative patterns to one built for relational satisfaction and connection.

Many people report a feeling of relief a short time after beginning treatment for their life situation, as if a great weight was removed from them. We invite you to imagine what great things you could accomplish in your relationships and other aspects of your life if you weren’t chained to patterns that bring disappointment and dismay. Give Roy or a staff member a call and spend a few minutes reviewing your life situation and you’ll be sure to find someone who is ready to help you reconnect with your loved ones, and yourself. Now is the time!