Intimacy Disorder Counseling - Rawers TherapyCouples CounselingFeeling disconnected from your partner?
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Couples Counciling - Rawers TherapyIntimacy Disorder HelpAre you consistently drawn to bad relationshipsor having problems staying in a healthy one?

Asking For Help Takes Courage

We all struggle sometimes. Our culture and the media often portray those who seek help with their life situations as weak or lacking self-control. This often leaves us reluctant to seek out help, fearful of how we will be perceived and deep in our own shame.  The professionals at Rawers Therapy understand the pressures and fears you face when problematic behaviors threaten your relationships. We honor those who seek to build restoration with their partner, and their own personal integrity. Rawers Therapy in Intimacy Disorder treatment, including: Sex Addiction, Relationship Addiction, Relationship Avoidance, Commitment Anxiety, Male Sexual Anorexia, and Internet & Gaming Addiction.

About Roy Rawers

Roy and his team take a very logical, yet compassionate approach to helping couples and individuals that long to learn why they struggle to stay connected with others and what they can do to change their current life situation.  Combining over a decade of clinical experience with Intimacy Disorder clients, Roy leads a group of non-shaming and friendly professionals dedicated to helping you achieve lasting solutions to your life situations.

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